Mile 44 (ME): July 14, Nahmakanta Stream Lean-to

Roots and rocks

We departed at 7:45am. Early in the hike we followed a long gorge with a rushing stream for some time. There were several falls and at the bottom of each we noticed areas of thick foam in the water.

One of our group said this was surfactant residue from soap. Apparently this is bad for fish, which is why campers and hikers are asked to never use soap in the streams and ponds and to dispose of soapy water 200’ from water sources.

There were a couple climbs with nice views and occasional glimpses back to Mt Katahdin.

We stopped for lunch at the first shelter and moved on to the next shelter for camp. The Nahmatanka Stream Lean-to was recently built and looked nearly new. It had been overcast all day and looked like rain so we decided to sleep in the shelter. It did rain a few times after arrival and we were glad to be inside.

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