Mile 86 (ME): July 17, Carl Newhall Lean-To

I got started early today—before 0700. Rain started a short while later. The rain continued off and on for a good part of the day and I reached C. Newhall Lean-to just after 12:00. There were two older hikers already inside the shelter: a quiet man who didn’t say much. He was spread out inside the shelter and looked like he hoped no one else would come in. And a friendly lady on the other side who was happy to chat.

The rest of our group arrived and we all ate lunch sitting on the front stoop of the lean-to. Everyone but Goldie and I moved to take places inside the shelter for the night because of rain. Goldie and I thought it was too early to stop—and we were already wet. So I continued on to Chairback Gap Lean to, another 10 mi. It was too far in the rain and I was too tired when I arrived at 7pm, but I had somehow made it 17 miles despite the weather.

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