Stress Fracture: Hit Pause

After a few frutless days of self treatment, I headed to Georgia for a longer period of rest at home and to see the doctor.

“Yes,” the doc told me, “you very likely have a stress fracture and will need quite some time to recover.” He suggested I may want to consult an orthopedist but that this injury would mainly require R&R to heal. I don’t yet know how much time that might be.

So, as I write this, I must pause my adventure to heal, then resume it at the next opportunity. If weather and body cooperate, I hope to finish later this year. Or, if not, maybe next spring. Either way, my current goal is to finish the trail within the 12 month time period to complete an official thru hike.

2 thoughts on “Stress Fracture: Hit Pause”

  1. Oh man, same thing happened to a buddy of mine on the trail but glad you are home and back, Amber and I hope to see you soon!

    1. Yes, I hated to stop but know it’s a common part of the trail experience…just another challenge to overcome

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