Pacific Crest Trail

Upon completing the Appalachian Trail in 2019 I set my intention to hike the PCT.

By January 2020, an approved permit, plane ticket, and my own high hopes all optimistically pointed toward a Southbound (SOBO) attempt beginning in late June. But by March, my preparations and plans were slowly, but surely, overtaken by COVID-19. And after the requisite deliberation and and mental back and forth, I loosened my grip on the idea and and resolved to try again at the next opportunity. And, by cancelling my air travel, I put the idea out of its misery.

The following year, 2021, didn’t prove do-able but, I returned to the permit queue for 2022 with another SOBO attempt in my sights. Alas, despite a permit approval in hand, as of spring 2022, it appears that this won’t be my year either. Pandemic-deferred plans and responsibilities have conspired to make a 5-month hiking window seem unlikely.

Will 2023 be my year? I don’t know, but I will return to the permit portal once again to reserve my place.

Only time will tell…