It was a bit warmer today than it has been, with very little breeze. But otherwise it was another nice day. Another factor with the temperature is that the insects were more active as well. I haven’t noticed mosquitos yet but there have been gnats, deer flies, and what might be midges. 

I was surprised today at the number of new people starting thru hikes. This morning I had breakfast at the shelter and talked to those who were there for the night. There were five thru hikers. And I passed more than that again today. 

I also met hikers named “Galant” and Heather who had stopped for water at the same place as I did.

Heather is section hiking and Galant is starting a thru hike. He has a strong accent, perhaps Japanese. He has already completed the two other long trails, the PCT and CDT, and is now trying to complete the AT as well. We talked for a while about his experience on the other trails before heading off. 

It was another long day and I was more tired today, probably because it was the third long day in a row. I made it to my campsite around 6:45 pm after eleven and a half hours of hiking. According to the trail guide, this was the site of a former dairy farm from the 1800s—hence the name “Cheese Factory.”

Time for bed now…

— May 25, 2019

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